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The Lance Missile System

  Death In A Flash 

The Lance Missile was deployed with U.S. Army forces from 1972 - 1991, largely
in West Germany. It was also deployed with British, Belgian, Dutch, Italian and
West German armies. More than 2,300 were purchased at a cost of over $2 billion
(in constant 1996 dollars). The Lance had a range of 3 to 78 miles (5 to 125 kilometers),
although its accuracy decreased at longer ranges. The Lance could carry either a conventional
or a nuclear warhead. The nuclear warhead, theW70, had a yield of 1 - 100 kilotons
and was produced as both a standard fission and an enhanced radiation (ER) weapon.

Infromation taken from the Brookings Institution

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Double Lance Launch

Applying the Tail Finns


Mobile Launcher Setup

Standing Guard






A British Lance Soldier at Work


In God We Trust....


Good times in Menden

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